Providing hope through safe and supportive homes for men and women seeking to live a life free from addiction. 

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Over Half of Americans Have a Family Member or Close Friend Battling Addiction

Yet, statistics matter little when it's you or someone you care about.


Transitioning into a sober life during the early stages of recovery can be overwhelming for individuals and their families. 


A lack of supportive housing and the resources to find holistic restoration can leave you or your loved one feeling anxious and lonely.


JacobsWay provides safe, structured, and holistic recovery housing for the vulnerable.  

Where a person lives in the early stages of recovery can have a long-lasting impact on their success. 

JacobsWay, through the Jacob Edwards Walls Foundation, has created a living community that is neither institutional or clinical...but holistic and nurturing. 

Our transitional homes invite you to become part of a family.


We'll support each other through life's daily challenges while encouraging and maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle.  


Living a life free from addiction requires an approach built around compassion, care, and comfort. 

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Affordable, secure living. 

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Dedicated, knowledgeable, and attentive staff.

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Personalized, resident-focused 1on1 case management, mentoring, and coaching.

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Holistic programming fostering balance of mental, physical, and spiritual health.

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Community partnerships for employment opportunities and pro-social success philosophies. 

Today, you have an opportunity.


Support us in our work, or allow us to support you or your loved one in recovery.

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You can help us restore the lives of men and women in recovery with a financial gift of support.


100% of your donation goes to housing expenses, programming fees, and recovery resource costs. 

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Be Part Of Our Success

JacobsWay is not just recovery programming and a place to live, it is a home built on a foundation for learning how to experience a life free from addiction.


We focus on every aspect of healing mind and body, promoting calming and balancing properties that are physical, mental, and spiritual.  

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