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Group Picture of Fundraiser for JacobsWay Delware, OH

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the resident's fees used for?
    Our resident's fees are used for everyday expenses, as may occur in any household. This includes property rental, utilities, and administration costs. This allows the houses to be self-supporting, but does NOT allow for needed updates, expansions, necessary repairs, or professional expenses that may occur.
  • What does the Jacob Edward Walls Foundation do with my financial donation?
    100% of your tax-deductable contribution will cover expenses and operational costs to provide our residents the best treatment resources and educational services, professional fees related to non-profit incorporation, and non-recurring property rehabilitation and maintanence costs to ensure our properties exceed our stated core values of "safe, clean, and sanitary".
  • How do I give to JacobsWay?
    You can can provide a financial donation to help support our houses and the programming that helps our residents restore their lives. You can volunteer at one of our community events. You can also donate items that our houses need to truly become homes. Click here for all the ways you can be involved in our story.
  • What is the housing like?
    Our homes are not like single-family houses or apartments, but have college dorm room style sleeping rooms with shared common areas like a living room, dining area, and full kitchen. Our homes are clean, safe, and secure, and the living environment encourages a family camaraderie and fosters healthy relationships and friendships.

If you have any questions regarding recovery housing, wish to receive more information on becoming a resident, or if you are interested in getting involved by supporting our home and our work, please click below. 

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