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Jacob Edward Walls Foundation COVID-19 Contingency Plan March 17, 2020:

As we continue our diligence in staying abreast of the continued developments & safety information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are following regulations from local and state public health authorities, as well as the Center for Disease Control (CDC).


We have updated some of our own policies and procedures regarding our operational preparedness plan as developments continue to change, sometimes by the hour. This proactiveness allows us the ability to continue with our business operations as well as providing the best possible care to our residents, staff, and volunteers as we venture into uncharted water with respect to COVID-19. Our desire at Jacobs Way is to provide the best quality of care and mentoring. We will continue to stand strong as we always do! We are family and we will stick together through this!

JEWF COVID-19 Contingency Plan:

  1. JEWF emergency contact list is updated and posted on all communication boards and in our JEWF Handbook. We have also placed state & local health departments informational booklets at each residence.

  2. Trained staff & residents on signs of COVID-19 & preventative actions:

    • Awareness of COVID-19 symptoms

    • Social Distancing

    • Importance of constant & thorough hand washing, avoidance of facial touching & covering coughs with tissues or napkins

    • Vigilantly cleaning of commonly used surfaces, objects & rooms (ie: Living Room, Kitchen & Bathrooms)

  3. Quarantine Protocol:

    • Liberty men's house individual rooms have been designated quarantine rooms.

    • Our office in the Unity House will be designated as a quarantine room should the need arise.

      • Also if one person is identified as positive for the COVID-19 virus we will immediately require the whole home to be quarantined.

  4. Suspended all non-essential Visitation.

  5. JEWF has indefinitely suspended all group events and meetings to and from the community to our residential locations. We have implemented Zoom as our 1 on 1 preferred communities for Case Work management. Matthew Walls - Executive Director will be the primary in-person contact moving forward for the residents. Melissa Cleary - Senior Case Manager will be available by phone, social media platforms, and Zoom for communicative purposes until further notice. JEWF COVID-19 Contingency Plan March 2020

  6. JEWF is proactively working and communicating with all outside resourcing centers regarding contact and communication with residents allowing for any accidental exposure to be held to a minimum.

  7. All Executive Board, Committee & Staff meetings will be held via Web Conferencing applications (ie: Zoom, Skype, etc.) until further notice.

JEWF will continue to monitor the situation and evaluate the need for additional measures to support our residents, staff, volunteers, and community if those needs arise. Should you have any further question please contact Matthew Walls via text or phone at 614-557-7086.


Together Yet Socially Distanced We Become Better!


Stay Positive and Safe Friends,


Matthew Walls - JEWF Executive Director

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